”Oz, The Great & Powerful”

I met in the wild a white-haired gent,
Of a girl he once knew I reminded him.
“She was fair, she was pure, her ear always lent,
But one day her brightness went dim.”

“Go on! Go on!” of him I began to plead,
“Please tell me the rest of the tale,
What happened to her? Why does her heart bleed?
What wretch made her happiness fail?”

“Hear the truth, my dear girl,” he started to say,
“She was both hero & villain–her own enemy.
She ran wild & untamed, welcomed every new day,
But a creeping desire for more stole her ‘free.’

She traded joy for hunger & simplicity for thirst,
The greenest grass always just up ahead.
She abandoned humility & put herself first,
With the devil of greed & fortune she climbed into bed.

One day she woke to find,
She knew not the girl in the mirror.
Then with lightless eyes & dreamless mind,
She set out to the one place where she might see clearer.

She became honest & pure–made that devil a liar,
She no longer forgets in her travels afar,
That if what you seek is your heart’s great desire,
You ought check at home first, it might be in your own backyard.”