Now look here, lonesome tree!
It’s quite alright to be on your own.
Even as the winds blow & fog sets in,
Nothing changes how deep your roots have grown.

Though your branches may get broken,
And your leaves may fly away,
Remember that it’s your unseen depth,
That makes all things new another day.

Though the ground be lain uneven,
Upon which you’ve made your stand,
It’s in your bones to grow towards heaven,
As if drawn up by God’s own hand.

Lonesome tree, you were built for this,
You’ll find loss of leaf, seed, & limb makes you stronger.
For the storm will water where they fall,
Then around you they’ll grow, leaving you lonesome not one minute longer.

So hold on, you pretty thing!
Fear not these uncertain hours.
Around you grows in silent a forest,
That will ever mimic you in strength unparalleled power.