Sorrow—sweet sorrow!
How you bring strong men down to their knees.
Courage—sweet courage!
How you raise the feeble up to their feet.

Misery—sweet misery!
How you’ve taught us to be grateful.
Kindness—sweet kindness!
How you change the hearts of even the most hateful.

Ambition—sweet ambition!
How you fasten unfocused sights onto the prize.
Discernment—sweet discernment!
How you cause good men flee from greed & lies.

Wanderlust—sweet wanderlust!
How you beg the meek to roam.
Comfort—sweet comfort!
How you hearken the wild ones home.

Life—sweet life!
How I delight in the unyielding grip of thee.
Death—sweet death!
How lucky you’ll feel if ever you manage to catch me.