A World On Fire

“From me to you, you’ve got to be crazy. You know what I’m talking about? Full-goose bozo. Because, what is reality? You’ve got to be crazy because madness is the only way to stay alive… And you’re only given a little spark of madness and, if you lose that, you’re nothing.” -Robin Williams, 1978

Love is madness and love will save us. It’s insane because love is, simultaneously, the most edifying and destructive affair that we can engage in. It wrecks us and rebuilds us and strips us down and gives us meaning. It destroys two humans and connects them together as one. Love casts out fear and anxiety and pain and worry and it is pure madness. And it will save us.

I’m thinking about Robin Williams, today, and all of the others who’ve been overtaken by their pain. I cannot speak to what would drive a person to commit suicide. But I can say that any person who has ever been pulled out of depression would boil down that achievement to just one thing: love. I’m neither bold nor stupid enough to look back on any soul lost and point a finger and say, “This is what you should have done.” That’s not what this is about. I am, however, both bold and stupid enough to point my finger forward and say, “This is what we should do.” 

It’s a simple call to action. Let’s be mad, my friends. Let’s go absolutely insane, full-goose bozo. How do we love each other? How do we love ourselves? Am I intentional with my words, actions, and thoughts? We can love with our words by being kind. We can love with our actions by being generous. We can love with our thoughts by being honest. Every interaction we have with another human being is an opportunity to restore unto them whatever tiny bit of their mad spark has been lost. 

I want to be part of the generation who restores humanity. I want us to be the ones who took care of each other and set a new standard for living, the standard that leads with love. If we’ve each been blessed with a tiny spark of madness, which we have, then it’s time we apply that spark to the kindling of intention. It’s time we set this world on fire. It’s time we went insane.

I’m a dreamer, this I know. But, I don’t believe that makes me unreasonable. I actually see it as quite the opposite. In my dreams, we’re all saved. And in my reality, we do that through love. Not one more life needs to be spent lonely or depressed. Not one more life needs to be lost without hope. 

Today, let’s start by choosing love in these three, simple ways: reach out to your friends, smile at strangers, and be helpful in everything. I know that using the word “everything” really doesn’t seem to go along with the concept of “simple.” But really, it does. What’s more simple than making the same exact choice, regardless of the circumstance? Whatever choices you make today, make sure they’re the helpful ones. Love is as simple as that. 

Go forth, my friends. Be insane. Set the world on fire.