There’s a valley in the mountains,
It’s restored my soul from something tragic.
It’s where beauty flows just like a fountain,
And makes me whole with its quiet magic.

There’s a meadow bound by ageless pines,
Upon it my mind’s eye oft is set to wander.
When thought departs from this glory divine,
Every notion is toil & squander.

There’s a rushing river cut through the woods,
Hellbent towards its destiny.
My heart found new life on its bank as I stood,
Breathing deep of this pure reverie.

There’s a peak that’s befriended the stars & clouds,
Atop it I learned the meaning of wonder.
For here I strong endured on this summit so proud,
As one too capable to ever be blown asunder.

These places I’ve know forever & well,
To their splendor I’m eternally indebted,
Destined to be ever-enraptured by their spell,
Always deeper into this grandeur fate has me headed.

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