Infinity (And Other Thoughts to Bore You)

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” –John Muir

It’s quite the revelation, you know, to find out that the downs are not the enemy of the ups. They’re the complement. And the infinity we experience is not found in one or the other; it’s found in the space between. The space where we exist most often—the spaces that we deem boring and mundane, the moments unaccounted for… THESE are our infinity. For here, anything is possible. It is from these moments that creativity is born and it is for these moments that we forget to be thankful. 

We ought never praise the highs for being high and dash the lows for being low while forgetting that the space between is whatever we make of it. Imagine what we could do if we fully realized the infinity that exists in those moments of stillness and quiet that we’ve mistaken for “boring.”

Remember: Just because our heads are in the clouds doesn’t mean that our feet can’t be planted firmly on the ground. For when we live like this, we exist in the infinity. 

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